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How lucky am I …. to create art, to contribute to the growth of the human spirit by exposing it at its very core. I count it among my truest blessings that I get to do this…..

So you want to know a little bit about me? Where do I even begin…..

I am an actor, a singer, a storyteller, a business owner, a college graduate. I am addicted to true crime dramas and reruns of Golden Girls. I love to restore historic homes back to life and spend a lot of my free time digging for treasures in architectural salvage stores around the country. My soulmate and best friend was a chocolate lab named Max and I thank him every day for teaching me about love and loss in a way that no human or script ever could. I currently split my time between San Antonio, TX and San Diego, CA but part of my soul belongs to New York City and Paris is a place I will call home one day.

While I did have some stage experiences growing up, I didn’t start acting professionally until I was well into my 30s. I was a singer in Nashville TN for a few years after college but for most of my adult life I wasn’t performing or being creative at all. I had my reasons but those are best discussed over sushi (or wine). I established a successful technology consulting firm and was living the life of a traveling consultant when I met a man who would change the course of my life forever. I had done a couple of community theatre shows when I happened across a master class being taught by Thomas James O’Leary. Together, he and I started working on my craft and within a few short months we both knew that I needed to start pursuing theatre as a career. I have been so blessed to be booked and busy ever since.

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